Strengthening disaster risk management in the North Eastern Macro Regional Commonwealth of Peru

  • Región de Intervención: North East Macro Region
  • Donor: Oficina de Asistencia Humanitaria de USAID (BHA – USAID)
  • Período Fase 1: Noviembre 2021 to Mayo 2024
  • Período Fase 2:
  • Area: Climate change and DRM


The regions of the North Eastern Macro Regional Commonwealth of Peru(MRMRNOP) are exposed to natural hazards, such as earthquakes, floods, rains, landslides, frosts and epidemics, which occur frequently and affect the entire territory. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the capacities of communities and governments to reduce risks and mitigate impacts. Also, increase community participation to reduce their vulnerability.

We contribute to the regions of the North Eastern Macro Regional Commonwealth of Peru (MRMRNOP) by supporting their strategic planning and developing interregional coordination mechanisms to provide an integrated response to emergencies. In addition, we promote Inclusive Disaster Risk Management at all levels of government, protection and education entities. Thus, we guarantee that the most vulnerable populations receive adequate assistance during emergencies.

For this reason, we started this project with the support of the USAID Office of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA/USAID), and in alliance with various institutions local and regional.


Strengthen an articulated and integrated strategy for disaster risk management of the governments that make up the North Eastern Macro Regional Commonwealth of Peru (MRMRNOP).


  • 30,922 regional and local government authorities and officials have improved their capacities in planning and coordination for inclusive disaster risk management, and include humanitarian standards and community participation in their actions.
  • 2,790 people from the communities have learned safe and earthquake resistant construction techniques with local materials. Likewise, they will have the logistical capacity to respond to disasters, successfully managing their resource centers, verifying stock and scheduling replenishment.

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