We work with communities and families during pre-school years to ensure child development that forms the foundation for learning in school. We promote the improvement of educational quality, motivating actions for the learning of basic skills such as reading, writing and math. Likewise, we ensure thar no child or adolescent sees their education interrupted due to violence, early unions or humanitarian crisis.

Our objectives

Achieve child development that ensure learning during school

Improve educational quality for learning reading, writing and numeracy skills

Ensure educational continuity even in context of humanitarian crisis

Current projects

On their own words


13 años.

...recibí los kits escolares que me ayudaron para estudiar, el cuaderno lo utilicé como block y también hice dibujos cuando mi profesor me pide. También participé en reuniones por zoom, ahí entendí sobre cómo debemos estudiar (en la pandemia)

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