The intervention was carried out in five educational institutions in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, in the city of Lima. The main objective was to improve the water and sanitation infrastructure and the implementation of new toilet modules in these five schools.

The intervention sought, among other things, to guarantee access to improved water quality and to reduce the gap in access to toilets and washing facilities, bringing the washing facilities closer to the urinals or toilets for boys and girls, in line with the national standards.

After the preparation of a technical diagnosis, which identified the needs of each school, adequate and proper toilets were implemented, taking into account the needs of the users, their gender (differentiated modules for girls and boys), disabilities (ramps and adapted toilets) and age.

The project also considered strategies to strengthen the capacities of those responsible for the maintenance of infrastructure in schools, and to improve the practices and knowledge of the educational community (students, teachers and parents) on how to take good care of toilets, hygiene practices, consumption and use of water.


  • Improve the water supply and sanitation infrastructure of five schools in San Juan de Lurigancho.
  • Strengthen the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Committees in the five educational institutions for the maintenance of the infrastructure and promotion of hygiene and health.


  • The intervention benefited 9153 students (4644 girls and adolescents and 4509 boys and adolescents); 309 teachers (203 women and 106 men) and 100 parents members of the PTA.
  • Works in the toilet modules in the five schools were 100% completed.
  • Storage and supply of quality drinking water with new or furbished tanks and reservoirs.
  • LED spotlights were installed on the front of the toilets in each educational institution.


Unidentified student statement during a group activity to develop key messages.
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We want a clean toilet all year round, and having one is everyone's responsibility.

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