Save the Children in Peru forms a consultative group of children and adolescents for decision-making

  • January 11, 2024
  • Area: Governance
  • With this milestone for childhood organizations in Peru, we ensure that key decisions in our organization respond to the diverse needs, dreams, and interests of children and adolescents.

Nothing about children, without children!

In accordance with the commitment of our ‘Theory of Change,’ which drives us to work towards ensuring that the voices of childhood are heard and taken into account, Save the Children in Peru took the initiative to establish the Advisory Group of Children in Peru (GANNAP).

GANNAP is an instance of democratic, diverse, and inclusive participation, characteristics that will be crucial when making decisions to act as an organization in the face of the climate emergency, the migration crisis, and other areas where we work to ensure the well-being of the most vulnerable children and adolescents.

With the voices of this group of children representatives, we guarantee the centrality of their rights, needs, dreams, and interests in our actions and decisions as an organization. Therefore, to foster different perspectives, children and adolescents representatives from migrant, working, and Afro-descendant children were chosen as part of this group.

As part of the enjoyable installation activity, GANNAP members and Save the Children representatives placed their handprints on a mural, where they also expressed their expectations, hopes, and commitments for childhood in Peru.

GANNAP’s historic installation mural

The GANNAP installation was attended by our Global CEO Inger Ashing; our Regional Director, Victoria Ward, and our Country Director, William Campbell; as well as our Deputy CEO, Patrick Hayden and Robert Good, board member of Save the Children International. Precisely, the installation of GANNAP replicates the successful experience that Save the Children has promoted with the Regional Advisory Group of Children and Adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean (GANNAR).

GANNAP members with Inger Ashing, Global CEO of Save the Children; Victoria Ward, Regional Director of the Save the Children Office for Latin America and the Caribbean: Patrick Hayden, Deputy CEO; Robert Good, board member of Save the Children International.

We appreciate the organizations of children and adolescents that make the existence of GANNAP possible.

Members of GANNAP and senior management team of Save the Children in Peru.

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