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Coronavirus knows no boundaries. It is a global threat to all humanity and as such, demands a global response.

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a global crisis that has direct consequences on the health, education and protection of children and adolescents. Millions are not attending school and, in the near future, we estimate that the impact of this pandemic could push 86 million more children and adolescents into poverty-stricken households. In the world, we would be talking about a total of up to 672 million children and adolescents in poverty. In the face of this uncertainty, our commitment to support children and adolescents and their families is strengthened.

From Save the Children, we are taking action to protect the rights of children, their families and communities. We seek to ensure adequate access to health services and information, as well as protection from any type of violence, including gender-based violence.

To support you in your daily life, we make this website available to you. Here you can find information and recommendations especially meant for you. We hope that it can be useful to you and that you can find here resources to cope with this difficult situation we all face.

This initiative is part of our global agenda #ProtectAGeneration.

Read more about the #ProtectAGeneration agenda here.

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