Protection response against COVID-19 in North Lima

  • Región de Intervención: Lima
  • Donor: Save the Children
  • Período Fase 1: Abril 2021 to Diciembre 2021
  • Período Fase 2:
  • Area: Humanitarian aid, Protection


Peru is one of the countries most affected by COVID-19, in terms of the number of cases and deaths, a major socio-economic crisis, and an increase in domestic and gender-based violence. All this has caused a great psychosocial impact on the population where vulnerable populations are the most affected and suffer from stress, depression and other mental health problems, which affect many families and children.

In this context, Save the Children seeks to contribute to improving this situation; through a strategy that seeks to protect children at risk and provide them with coping tools in coordination with the national protection system.


  • Promote child protection by providing parents and teachers with methodologies to protect children and raise them without violence.
  • Reduce the risks generated by gender-based violence against women and girls by providing information on complaint mechanisms, help services and providing counseling support to victims.


  • Guidance on positive discipline to 1317 fathers, mothers and caregivers.
  • Training sessions on violence prevention for 158 teachers from 10 Educational Institutions. These teachers in turn trained 2,078 fathers, mothers, and caregivers.
  • Tools for the management of their emotions to 1889 children and adolescents.
  • Telephone guidance to 1317 people.
  • 440 girls, boys and adolescents were part of the drawing contest “Growing up in a world of equality”.
  • We trained 229 market traders on gender-based violence. Intervention in markets with violence prevention posters and complaint lines.
  • 33 community counselors trained.

María, leader and counselor


"The first thing I have learned is to value myself. One is worth a lot as a person, as a woman and as a mother. That's what I teach my neighbors. As counselors we are on the lookout to deal with possible cases of violence."

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