Save the Children promotes agreements between the regions of the Commonwealth Macro Region North East in favor of Disaster Risk Management

  • May 26, 2022
  • Area: Climate change and DRM

With the aim of strengthening interregional coordination for Disaster Risk Management (DRM), authorities and officials of the North Eastern Macro Region Commonwealth of Peru, reached key agreements that will allow articulating actions in order to mitigate the risks that arise in these regions and strengthen joint work in prevention and preparation for emergencies and disasters, with inclusion and protection approaches.

“Save the Children is doing a lot of advocacy so that the approach to prevention, risk reduction, preparation and response to an emergency has a human face, that is, has a focus on children and adolescents and vulnerable populations who they almost always represent 40% of the affected population in emergency situations”, commented the DRM program advisor, Luis Romero Jara.

This signing of agreements took place in Trujillo at the beginning of May in the framework of the “I Meeting of Disaster Risk Management officials of the North Eastern Macro Region Commonwealth of Peru”, where national representatives of INDECI and CENEPRED participated, as well as officials and authorities from the regions of La Libertad, Lambayeque, Piura, Tumbes, Loreto, Amazonas, Cajamarca and San Martín.

“The meeting has helped to be able to articulate synergistically with all the regions of the North East of Peru in joint work with the prevention work that INDECI promotes, as well as CENEPRED. These agreements that are signed will be the starting point for the implementation of good practices in Disaster Risk Management in the local and regional governments of the commonwealth”, stated the Secretary General of INDECI, César Negrete Venegas.

Among the main agreements, the creation of a response protocol for emergencies and disasters stands out, promoting the training of volunteers in emergency and rehabilitation, the implementation of the community approach in DRM and promoting Disaster Risk Management from regular basic education, alternative, special and superior technique.

The main objective of the meeting was to promote a space for dialogue, seek joint solutions and strengthen interregional articulation around DRM. It is sought that the different regions that make up said regional association work on DRM from a territorial analysis and proposal perspective through interregional articulated work, with inclusion and protection approaches.

“The purpose of signing this important agreement is to establish joint work commitments and strengthen the organization and structure of the Interregional Commission for Disaster Risk Management of the North East Macro Region Commonwealth, within the priorities identified for its agenda, which allow develop actions with a focus on inclusion and protection, for the benefit of thousands of boys and girls from all over northeastern Peru”, said Marcela Castillo, Coordinator of the DRM Project in the North Eastern Macro Region of Peru”.

“This first meeting is of great importance because we have visualized the most recurring dangers that occur in the eight regions that make up the commonwealth; For this reason, this analysis will help us to contrast with the reality of our Loreto region and thus be able to carry out joint actions, but now as a commonwealth, not only as a region, supporting each other to serve the most vulnerable families”, commented the Coordinator of COER Loreto, Camilo Jorge Vinatea Davila.

This event was held within the framework of the project “Strengthening Disaster Risk Management in the North East Macro Region” implemented by Save the Children with the support of the USAID Office of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA).

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