Arequipa: more than 400 families affected by landslides receive humanitarian aid

  • April 08, 2023
  • Area: Climate change and DRM, Humanitarian aid
  • Portable toilets and showers, water tanks and purifying tablets were distributed, as well as kits for infants.
  • The aim is to ensure access to water safe for children and their families.

In order to help overcome the emergency caused by the landslides that occurred last February, more than 400 affected families in Arequipa received humanitarian aid kits delivered by Save the Children, with the financing of Start Fund.

As recalled, on February 5th there were strong landslides in the district of Mariano Nicolás Valcárcel, province of Camaná, which left more than 2,000 people homeless, houses destroyed and other infrastructure damages.

After the emergency, the affected families were relocated to temporary shelters, where access to drinking water is limited. For this reason, Save the Children, with financing from the Start Fund, was able to serve more than 400 families with 250-liter water tanks, portable toilets and showers, sinks, water purifying tablets, and hygiene kits so that boys, girls and adolescents and their families can access healthy living conditions in these circumstances.

With these implements, affected families can access safe water, without germs or toxic substances that can affect the health of children and their families. The purifying tablets delivered also make it possible to purify between 20 and 25 liters of water, freeing it from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

This intervention makes it possible to ensure that girls and boys hydrate, take care of their personal hygiene and that families can wash and cook their food safely. In addition, it contributes to avoiding serious health effects.

“In emergency contexts, guaranteeing access to water is essential to protect the people affected, particularly children. With this intervention, we seek that affected families can have safe water for direct consumption, to take care of their hygiene and avoid diseases, in addition to being able to clean and prepare their food”, highlighted Roxana Pingo, Manager of the South Central Macroregion of Save the Children.

The delivery was made in the communities of San Martín, Nuevo Posco Misky and Secocha, prioritizing the most vulnerable populations such as children and adolescents, and pregnant women or with children of lactation age. The distribution was carried out in coordination with the Nicolás Mariano Valcárcel District Municipality, led by Mayor William Alvarado, and in alliance with the CADENA organization. The cost per family was s/. 281.8 nuevos soles.

In addition to Arequipa, Save the Children is distributing humanitarian aid in other regions affected by the rains, including La Libertad, Lambayeque and Piura, where debris removal and school cleaning kits are distributed, as well as family hygiene.

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