Emergency assistance for venezuelan migrants – vulnerability and risk in Peru

  • Región de Intervención: Piura, Lambayeque and Lima; Peru.
  • Donor: Canton of Geneva
  • Período Fase 1: January to March 2020
  • Período Fase 2:
  • Area: Humanitarian aid


By June 2019, 88% of Venezuelan migrant families living in Peru had their basic needs unmet. Children and adolescents in these families are exposed to various forms of violence. Their living conditions are often marked by overcrowding, unhealthy and insufficient nutrition, deterioration of their health, interruption of education, street work or early pregnancy.

The intervention sought to provide a humanitarian response to the most vulnerable Venezuelan migrant children and families, mitigating their chances of falling into extreme poverty in localities of Piura, Lambayeque and Lima.

Since 2019, Save the Children has been developing a cash transfer program that supports the most vulnerable migrant families, including nutrition and protection components.

Nutrition activities include the organization of informative events to help Venezuelan families improve their infant and young child feeding practices in emergencies.

In terms of protection, key information is provided to promote the safety and well-being of beneficiaries, especially children and adolescents.


  • Provide emergency assistance to vulnerable and at-risk Venezuelan migrant children and families to meet their basic needs.


  • 1608 beneficiaries met their basic needs for food, shelter, transportation, hygiene and communication through cash transfers.
  • We reached 99% of settled families and 82% of families in transit.
  • During the card distribution days, families received information on the selection process to receive humanitarian aid; and instructions and recommendations for using the cash cards.
  • During the card distribution days, 755 children and adolescents, 4 to 16 years of age, enjoyed safe play spaces supervised by personnel with child protection training.

Diana* (44 years old)

*Name was changed as required by the protection policy.
Imagen cita

The financial support I have received from Save The Children was sent from heaven, and I am very grateful. I will use the money to repay the loan I took to travel to Lima, the rest will go to buy medicine, diapers and rent a room.

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