Generation Hope: children from La Libertad (Perú) participate in updating the regional strategy against climate change

  • January 11, 2024
  • Area: Climate change and DRM
  • With the support of Save the Children, different sessions were conducted to include the needs and interests of children in the planning of actions in response to the climate emergency.

As part of the Generation Hope campaign, Save the Children promoted the participation of children and adolescents in updating the climate change adaptation strategy for the La Libertad region, a highly vulnerable area in northern Peru to the climate emergency. In this way, their interests and needs were considered in the planning of activities to ensure their rights in the context of potential disasters.

The update of this strategy was carried out by the Regional Environmental Management (GRAMB) of La Libertad and the Ministry of Environment of Perú (MINAM), entities that, in collaboration with Save the Children, conducted informative and participatory sessions to consult children and adolescents from different districts and communities in the region. This encouraged authorities to actively listen to their needs and requirements in key sectors such as health, education, and disaster risk management.

“The intergenerational approach was integrated in a cross-cutting manner into the strategy and derived plans,” said Rogger Morales, climate adaptation specialist at MINAM. “We value all the efforts and progress we have made together with Save the Children,” added Elithza Diaz, submanager of natural resources at GRAMB.

The consulted children represent different communities in the coastal and mountainous areas of the region, such as Sausal, Motil, and La Esperanza. After conducting various visits and talks in selected schools, students expressed their main concerns about the effects of climate change in their communities. Additionally, in dialogue with local officials, their experiences, needs, and ideas were collected for consideration in the strategy update.

“In disasters, parents may die, leaving children and adolescents alone and unprotected, exposed to abuses such as rape or kidnapping. The collapse of homes not only results in material losses but can also cause accidents where someone becomes disabled,” said one of the adolescents present in the sessions.

After this experience in La Libertad, the voices of children were channeled to the III Disaster Risk Management Meeting of the Northeast Macro Region, where authorities responsible for decision-making on new specialized management for risk were present.

“We ask that every time you want to carry out a project, take into account the opinions of children and coordinate with them,” said Marcela, one of the girls present at the event.

Save the Children emphasized the importance of continuing to create spaces where the voices of children are included in relation to the issues that affect them. Let us continue to involve children to ensure the centrality of their rights and needs.


  • The III Meeting of the Northeast Macro Region was held on November 22 and 23.
  • On December 5, the first practical workshop was held to generate the resolution of the climate change strategy update with officials from the region, where the points emphasized by children were shared.

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