• June 02, 2022
  • Area: Climate change and DRM, Humanitarian aid

Save the Children has been equipping 1,500 families belonging to 25 vulnerable human settlements in the districts of Ancón and Santa Rosa with inclusive emergency backpacks. In addition, it has been providing training sessions to each of the beneficiaries to strengthen their knowledge on the importance and correct use of backpacks in emergency response.

The actions are carried out within the framework of the project “Strengthening Inclusive Approaches for Disaster Risk Management in North Lima”, implemented in Ancón and Santa Rosa thanks to the support of USAID.

“Each member of a family must be trained and be aware of the role they play to adequately deal with a disaster. For this reason, we have been delivering emergency backpacks to each of the families and also training them in its use. We want families to have the necessary means to respond at the time of a disaster and thus avoid damage to their lives and mainly to those of children”, commented Esteban Fernández, Coordinator of the DRM project in Lima Norte.

This activity has the support of the eight Community Committees for Disaster Risk Management made up of leaders of the human settlements, who are in charge of convening the families, gathering them at a strategic point and organizing them to carry out the workshops and distribution of backpacks.

“The participation of the Community Committees is essential because through them we can have a greater impact on the population. They are the central point of our vision of a community approach because through them we can organize communities, bring knowledge and foster resilience in families,” added Fernández.

In addition, as part of the family awareness strategy, the “Biblio Barrio” (Mobile DRM Libraries) accompany the delivery of backpacks and allows the creation of safe spaces so that children and adolescents can learn about prevention and response to emergencies or disasters.

Save the Children USA visits Peru

During the last delivery of emergency backpacks carried out in the Miguel Ortecho Human Settlement, Jorge Sanz, Save the Children USA’s Technical Advisor on Disaster Risk Management, participated, who is visiting the country with the objective to know the risk management activities undertaken by the communities and contribute with their expertise to improve them.

Prior to his participation in the event in the community, Jorge Sanz, together with the Save the Children team in Peru, also participated in a round table that brought together the authorities of the Municipal Association of Lima Norte and the Municipalities of Ancón, Santa Rosa and Stone Bridge. In this space, those involved discussed the main challenges and lessons learned in disaster risk management in North Lima and future actions to be undertaken.

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